Sunday, June 27, 2021

Captcha typing job: Manual Human Test on the Web:

Manual human test on the web - computerized manual human test acknowledgment administration. 

Manual human tests are pictures containing misshaped text that ought to be entered or a bunch of various pictures where you should choose just those fitting some condition. This should be done to affirm that you're not a robot. 2captcha is made to interface clients who need to perceive numerous manual human tests progressively and laborers who bring in cash perceiving manual human tests. 

For laborers 

2captcha is your first online work. Profit is no gigantic except for it is anything but a regular occupation with severe prerequisites and it permits you to have some extra pay in your spare energy.


How does the 2CAPTA Referral Program work?

When a user visits your referral link and registers in our services, our data center generates information that this user has accessed into the system through your referral.

You can see the names of your referrals

You get 10% of your income and 10% from your partner who buys the service (when your partner spends money, submits software captcha, signs up in the ledger, updates 10% by software developer and you only get 5% of the value of captcha)

Leave the remaining balance in the account after approval. If your partner uses or earns today, you will receive it tomorrow

Minimum Payment - 

Threshold Payment $0.5 To make a payment, you must request payment by specifying the price and payment method like PayPal, Payza, WebMoney. Funding for the Approval Process. Withdrawals can be made immediately or within 5 business days, depending on the confirmation of payment.

Please note that it is strictly limited to remittances and interest on the 10% remittance fee based on your personal income and expenses.