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Built your career with technology

The growing demand for mobile applications creates opportunities for talented young people. 


These days, regardless of whether you need to buy something,

Listen to songs, read a newspaper, play a game, or send money to someone, all of these things are now done on your smartphone. But have you ever thought that with whose help we can do all these things? Yes, that was true using the app installed on the mobile phone. There are so many different programs today, from listening to songs to sending money to buying things. 

Even the Arogya Setu and Covin program, which is used for correct information and vaccination against those infected with the crown, is also a mobile program. Similarly, these days, whether children have to attend school or buy household items, these tasks are also very easily accomplished with the help of a mobile app. In such a situation, it would not be a mistake to say that in today’s age, due to the application, your mobile phone is no less than a magical package.

As per one appraisal, the mobile application market by 2025. Will develop to about $ 1 billion. As per another review,  by 2030. 50 percent of people will use mobile apps when shopping. It is understandable how important it is now to learn how to program and create mobile applications. With the government emphasizing most of the work online, the career prospects of young people will increase rapidly in the coming years.

Attractive income opportunities

Due to the low cost of smartphones, the accessibility of reasonable internet providers,  and the changing circumstances following the coronary pandemic, our reliance on cell phones is expanding. For this reason, the need for and usefulness of the program is also increasing. The growing popularity of smartphones has today created a huge global market for mobile application manufacturing with unlimited job and income opportunities. 

Moreover, the mobile app has become a major part of most businesses these days, more specifically, many companies use it, such as Ola, Uber, Amazon, Paytm, and more. Even banking work is also increasingly done through the program. Today, without these programs, this business would hardly have progressed at such a pace. In fact, the mobile app is also common software, but it is used on mobile devices.

Job opportunities

The way new programs are released these days is also constantly increasing the demand for application developers. From technology and software companies to value-added service companies, they are currently in dire need of offering their services as mobile user interface designers and expertise and convenience experts. IT professionals trained in programming are in great demand in this field. You can also find work in this area by gaining relevant application development skills, taking the position of Android application developer, application improvement consultant,  application tester, application improvement organizer. 

Courses and qualifications

The markets for iOS and Android are approximately the same (47% and 52%, respectively). But building an app for iOS is easier than building Android. In both cases, however, experience and expertise in program development are required. 

In general, to make a Varity application,  you need to be familiar with the programming language Either Java or Python. You can use YouTube Help to use Java and Python. There are free courses for Java and Python in Hindi. If you have learned programming language, you will need to take an application development course. Depending on the period of the Corona, you can likewise take these courses on the web.

 Many portals, such as SimpleLearn, Udemy, offer this course from which you can learn how to build applications from home. Never-ending providing of the course, you will also receive a diploma or certificate that will be useful during the interview. In addition, given the growing demand for program developers, in addition to MIT, many private institutes offer courses such as short-term or diplomatic program development courses, where the courses include three months of training. While any graduate can easily get a job after learning it, companies prefer young people who have worked for BTech, BCA, MCA.


Developers charge 50,000 to 20 lakh rupees for a mobile application. In such a situation, you can get an idea of ​​the market and its huge potential. At the same time, by joining an IT company, such application developers can easily get a package of three to five lakh rupees at the beginning. The best part is that due to the advancement of work from home, this work should be possible very well from home. 

Institute of the Prime Minister

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Apex Institute for Multimedia, Coimbatore

Android Institute, Kolkata

Important things about the application

There are several steps involved in building any application:

1. The idea: everything is the product of one idea or another. In such a situation, what is your application for and how it will make people's lives easier, this is its main part. 

2. Design: Within it, the (UI) and client experience (UX) of the application are planned.  In simple words, what will the application look like when it runs and what are the options in it.

3. Upgrade: In this stage,  the application code is written and developed.

4. Testing: After preparing the application, its quality and disadvantage are tested by testing so that it can be further improved. During this time, it also deals with application security and how to protect code securely against hackers.

5. Launch: Once the app has successfully completed the last four steps, you can activate it on the Playstore and Apple App Store.

6. Marketing: You need to make a strategy for how your application reaches people. You can also promote your app through Facebook or other social networks.

Start learning a language

Young people who want to make their future in application development, first of all, must master one of the programming languages. If possible, begin with the Java language, because most of the code is written in this language and once you learn it, it turns out to be not difficult to learn other programming dialects.  Well, nowadays there are also Kotlin and Flutter languages ​​in new languages. 

Right now, given the subsequent Corona wave, if possible, check out YouTube. This will also save you money and teach them while you are at home. Related courses are available for free on YouTube. Because at the moment, all sectors, be they banking, railways, hospitals, educational institutions, are all developing their own mobile application. In such a situation, this is also the right time to be hired or start your own business by taking a mobile application development course.

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