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A Career Interest And The Value Of A College Education.

The career is one of the vital problems in human life, Present Career, a Career Interest and the Value of a College Education.

A Career Interest And The Value Of A College Education.
A Career Interest And The Value Of A College Education.

In general, the career holds one of the most important places in a traditional set of values of different peoples. Very often people say that there are only two things that make the sense of their lives, they are their family and their job. And when asked what is more important the family or the career people answer differently. A traditional answer is a family but some people say that their job, their career is in the first place. As for me, I wouldn’t divide these two notions because they are equal for me. The only thing I would like to underline is that a person has to enjoy his or her job because it brings psychological and, certainly, financial stability and harmony in our life. So, a person must do what he or she likes to do or is apt to do. 

Also, it is noteworthy that nowadays it is not an easy task to find a good, well-paid job because usually to get such a kind of job a person has to have a definite ability and some basic knowledge and education. Unfortunately, not always employers can find an employee who would correspond to their demands, and very often the problem is the lack of a good education. So, I have just mentioned the role that the career plays in our lives and the principal conditions which permit us to have a good job. Now I’m going to project these ideas on my present career and my prospects in the future.

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Firstly, I want to underline that when I think of my present job I realize that it doesn’t satisfy me and there are a lot of reasons which explain such a situation. I work in a Chinese travel agency as an A/R and marketing assistant. I have quite a big experience (five years) that helps me understand all nuances of the agency policy and the attitude of the administration to average employees. Actually, what I don’t like the most is that I have to do a lot of routines but my boss doesn’t pay well for this work. For I have to do a lot of fare sheets for the promotion of some air tickets, I need to work skillfully on the computer as well as I need to fix some pictures and then fax them out. Moreover, my personal income highly depends on the number of people traveling via our agency because the boss can reduce our salary and then we work part-time without pay. Finally, it is boring for me to do all the same work over and over again. Such an unbearable situation led to my desire to change the job but, unfortunately, for any good job I need a BS degree but I haven’t got a good education that makes the fulfillment of my desire highly problematic.

One more reason that contributes to my decision to change the job is a different job that I adore. This job is in the field of information technology that is why I study this field of science. Generally speaking, I like to work on the computer and it is interesting for me to create some web pages or databases and I could gladly help those who need it. And I really like to help people if they have some problems with their computers I like to fix them and to find solutions to all problems concerning programs and computers, particularly truly challenging ones. I can give a good piece of advice if necessary because I know what is worthy to buy and what is not. My dream is to work in a team of people who are just like me. We would generate new ideas and share information about all new technology information and all achievements in this field. But this is my dream that is not so easy to realize because to do this, I need to be a well-qualified specialist and have at least a BS degree, and without studying it is absolutely impossible.

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As a result, I came to the conclusion that I have to return to my education. Now I understand how important it is to continue to study because otherwise, I won’t achieve what I want. It is also necessary for me because my further education will prepare me for work and communication with other people and not only those who are in information technology. I think I will get enough knowledge that is necessary for my future job and I will finally have my BS degree. Also, I believe that education will improve not only my knowledge concerning my job but I hope that it will also improve some of my personal qualities. I hope that I will learn how to communicate with people and prepare good presentations as well as due to the study I will build out my self-confidence and I will be absolutely independent of anybody or anything in this world that, in my opinion, is necessary, especially, if one wants to avoid to be depressed and discontented with his or her life and work. Finally, I will have a chance to do the job I like so much.

Considering we can say that career success is of paramount importance for everybody but any success is impossible if one doesn’t like the work he or she does. Unfortunately, it happens that we do the job that we practically hate, moreover, some people don’t know what is ‘their job’ and gradually their work and even their life begin to lose the sense and I am happy that I know for sure what I would like to do.  It becomes the aim of my life for the nearest future. But I also realized that it is impossible to achieve my aim without a good education. So, to succeed in life I need to have a basis (i.e. education) and certain inclinations which I have that will provide for me the job I dream about and make me an independent and self-confident personality. Finally, I want to say that all I have just mentioned are necessary conditions of not only my own success but these conditions are universal for everybody regardless of his or her personality.   



The work begins with the introduction where I talk about the role of a job in our life, its importance, and the basis which is necessary to get such a job. Then I describe my present job and I underline that the current situation doesn’t correspond to my inclinations and make me bored and discontented because of routine, bad management, and little income. Naturally, I try to find a different job I would enjoy and such a job should deal with computers and information technology because I like to work on the computer and help other people to fix problems that they have with their PCs or programs. But I understand that to realize my inclinations I do not have enough knowledge. Consequently, I have to resume my study and continue my further education. Otherwise, without a BS degree and without profound knowledge I won’t have the desired job. Finally, I make the conclusion that a good career is a necessary condition of personal success as well as it makes our life much better and prevents stress and depression. Thus, I say that a person must enjoy his or her job and that is a universal rule permitting to achieve success.




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