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16 Easy Tips To Score An Attractive Salary

The job is good, but the salary is less,Know easy tips to score more

In such a situation, leaving it and looking for another job can put a full stop to your progress. Therefore, instead of turning down a good job offer because of salary, learn to negotiate on the issue of salary negotiation. 

What to do?

1. Detail Working Experience

State your working experience clearly and in detail in the resume. Remember all the things not only in the resume but also in the mouth, so that you can give a good impression on them by answering with full confidence in front of the employer.

2. Throw light on achievements 

At the time of the interview, along with your experiences, throw light on all achievements, big or small. If you have any plan for the growth of the company, then tell the employer about it.

3. Show passion for the job.

Along with showing eagerness to join the company and desired job profile, make the employer realize that due to low salary, you are not able to make up your mind to join. By doing this, the employer can negotiate with you about the salary. And seeing your enthusiasm towards work, you can also offer the desired salary.

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4. Have a Positive Thinking

Go for the interview with a positive attitude. That your selection will definitely happen. This confidence of yours will be of great help in impressing the employer as well as while negotiating the salary.

5. Be sure to do research about the job profile Do

all the necessary research about the company in which you are going to interview and about the job profile beforehand. So that the employer can not find any deficiency in your information. Due to a lack of complete information about the company and job profile, there are hurdles in salary negotiation.

6. Talk About Bonuses or Other Perks, too

While discussing salary, if you feel that things are not working, then definitely ask about the bonus, traveling allowance, or other allowances available in addition.

7. Adopt SAIL Funds

Learn to sell your working skills in front of the employer. Present your talent in front of them in such a way that they believe that they cannot get a better employee than you.

8. Keep the conversation friendly

Do not talk nervous or angry during the negotiation. Keep the atmosphere of conversation-friendly by keeping the mind calm.

9. Try to change according to the situation

If the salary is being negotiated in your favor and the employer asks you to work an extra few hours, then do not refuse. In such a situation, keep yourself a little flexible and try to know how much you benefit.

10. Be prepared for every question

Prepare yourself in advance to answer such questions if you are not suitable for this job or your qualification does not match with the job profile so that the employer is sure that this job is for you.

what not to do?

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11. Do not demand salary more than experience, demand

salary according to experience. If the experience is less, then do not expect more salary. If you are more experienced and the salary is less, then do a salary negotiation by telling the employer about your previous salary and the market value of the post. Do not exaggerate your experiences, otherwise, you may have to face embarrassment later.

12. How much is the salary? 

Do not ask Do not reveal at the time of the interview that salary is your main attraction. This type of reaction can spoil your impression. Apart from this, never ask yourself about the salary. Negotiate only when the employer asks.

13. Do not talk emotional,

keep your emotions under control during the conversation. The employer should not feel that you get nervous quickly over small things. Proof of your flexible and smart personality even while talking about salary.

14. Keep personal life away

do not talk about your personal life, weaknesses, or financial problems even by forgetting during the salary-related conversation. Try to get your point across to the employer in a professional manner.

15. Do not hesitate to speak,

even after all kinds of discussions, if you do not get the desired salary, that is, the agreement is not positive, then do not hesitate to not speak to the employer.

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16. Don't make these mistakes

– Don't apply for jobs without doing research about the company.

Do not demand salary as soon as job offers to come.

Do not accept the first offer of salary immediately, but try your best to negotiate.

Do not write the expected salary on a resume or cover letter.

– Be sure to hear from the employer about other perks or perks.

Don't take too much time to accept the offer.

Do not demand salary just keep in mind your needs.

Do not discuss with friends about Negotiation.

Do not make the mistake of not asking for written information about the job profile from the employer.

Be patient and do not ask the employer about the salary again and again.

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