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How to Avoid Fake Colleges and Degree Scams?

Like every year, the struggle of students has started to take admission in colleges. 

In the race to get admission, their attention does not go towards whether the institute/institute in which they are taking admission, is fake?

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At the time of admission, their attention goes unnoticed and by the time they get their attention, it is too late. Here we are telling such important things, knowing which you can avoid fraud of fake institutions.

Take these precautions before taking admission

Nowadays many fake institutes give attractive advertisements in newspapers to woo the students. It is the responsibility of the students not to take admission by seeing advertisements without checking any university/institution.

Compared to other newspapers, advertisements related to education and employment are published more in the employment newspaper. These educational and employment advertisements are published by the Government of India, so students can trust these advertisements.

Some fake institutes claim to conduct professional courses like engineering through correspondence, and also claim that there is no need to give entrance tests to take admission in these institutes, do not fall for such institutes.

Similarly, if fake private or foreign institutions also claim to give degrees, then do not be misled by them.

Before taking admission, get information about the credibility of the current or former students of that institution.

At the time of admission, if any institute asks the student to pay the fees in cash, then be careful. This can also be a sign of extorting money in the name of a fake institution. Therefore, always pay the fee by cheque, bank draft, or digital payment.

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Nowadays many institutes put confusing admission-related advertisements on their website. Instead of getting caught in these misleading advertisements of the website, try to clear your queries by meeting with their management.

Don't be swayed by the false magnificence of fake institutions like new buildings and gleaming offices. If you have any kind of curiosity or question in your mind, then without hesitation ask the staff there.

Do not make the mistake of taking admission blindly in any college or institute under the supervision of friends. Do not deposit fees until you get complete information about the institute.

How to check recognized claims

Most of the students and their parents do not know how to check the accreditation of fake institutions. What is the process of checking their accreditation? The government has set up regulatory institutions to check the accreditation of institutions and universities, which give recognition to conducting institutes and professional courses.

General course

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is responsible for accrediting universities and running all types of courses, such as non-professional graduation (BA/B.Com/BSc) and post-graduation courses (MA/M.Com/MSc). The list of Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, and Private Universities, etc. will be available on the website.

Technical course

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is responsible for keeping a close eye on professional and technical courses like BTech, MTech, BBA, MBA, MCA, MPharma and accrediting the training institutes and institutes for these courses. A list of institutes/universities conducting degree and diploma level courses can be obtained.

Website: and www.

Distance education

There is a Distance Education Bureau under the UGC, which gives recognition to the universities of the country to run various courses through open and distance learning.



The Medical Council of India (MCI) is responsible for accrediting medical colleges/institutes running graduate/post-graduate level courses like MBBS, MD, MS, DM, MCH etc. related to medical education. Recognized Medical Colleges of all states. The list of colleges will be available from here.


Apart from this, we are telling about many more websites here, from where students can get the recognition and other information of the institutes associated with the course.

Information about B. Pharm, M.Pharm, etc. Pharmacy courses and their respective affiliated institutes will be available from their website

Information about courses related to audiology and speech and related institutions will be available on their website www. rehab

For more information about the courses related to architects and recognized institutes, contact their website

B.Sc.(Agr.), B.Sc. (Biotechnology), BTech (Dairy Technology) in various disciplines related to Agriculture Science like Graduation / Post Graduation level courses for the recognized institutes and syllabus is the responsibility of the Indian Council for Agricultural Research. You can get all the information by visiting their website

You will get the list of recognized courses and colleges related to teachers education from the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE). For this check from their website

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Understand the language of confusing ads

In order to attract gullible students, many fake institutions publish such advertisements in local newspapers, due to which they get confused. 

The language of these published advertisements is not clear nor does anything write about the recognition of the institutions. These advertisements are made in such a way that the reader does not even realize that these advertisements are given by fake institutions.

Do not believe empty assurances

In the matter of recognition and popularity of the institute, some fake institutes give various types of blank assurances to attract the students. 

The Management of the Fake Institute assures the students that the documents in the form of application for accreditation have been sent to the University/Regulatory Institutions and they are going to be recognized soon. Students and parents should never make the mistake of relying on such empty assurances.

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