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Know 10 Unhealthy Office Habits

Know about following 10 unhealthy office habits

For working people, the office is their second home, but many people fall prey to some such habits in the office, which have a bad effect on their health.

Are you also a victim of these unhealthy habits?

1. Skipping breakfast While

leaving home early in the morning, women think that they will have breakfast in the office. But as soon as she reaches the office, everything is forgotten. 

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Their habit of skipping breakfast daily has a bad effect on their health. It has also been proved by research that having breakfast increases metabolism and energy too.

2. Multitasking:

Multitasking is a good thing, but recent research shows that multitasking has a direct effect on the productivity of the work and you get tired soon. 

People who do only one thing at a time, it is faster and better and does not feel tired. Therefore, before starting daily work, make a todolist of important tasks.

3. Touching face with hands 

again and again is the habit of some people that while talking to someone or sitting alone, they always touch their face. Many times they do not even realize that their hands are kept on the face again and again. 

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This habit is not good. Touching the face again and again puts you at risk of skin infection. If you have a pimple on your face, then touching it again and again will increase it even more.

4. Unhealthy Lunch

After working continuously, your brain needs a break and energy. In such a situation, home cooked healthy food should be eaten. But nowadays people eat canteen or hotel food, due to which the body does not get the necessary nutrients. 

Outside food contains soda, which makes you feel sluggish instead of being energized after eating.

5. Sitting leaning on the chair

Those doing desk jobs have to sit in front of the computer continuously for 8-10 hours. In such a situation, there may be complaints of back pain and neck pain if not in the right posture. Therefore, always sit tight on the chair. If needed, place a small cushion behind the back.

6. Sitting in one place

Desk jobs do not have a course option, they have to work continuously by sitting, but they can do a little walk in between. Take a short walk in the office at an interval of 1 hour. Bring your own filled bottle of tea, coffee or water.

7. Bringing the phone to the bathroom

You must have probably done it many times that while talking to a client, you went to the washroom and kept the phone there. In such a situation, along with the phone, the germs will also come to your destination.

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8. Drinking too much tea/coffee drinking too much tea/coffee

to relieve stress harms health. You might be doing the same thing in the office. But doing so harms health.

9. Drinking less water

Many times people get so immersed in the affair of work that they forget to drink water from the water bottle placed in front. Don't make such mistake. Drinking less water can be a problem of dehydration.

People often sit with their legs crossed for comfort, but sitting like this for a long time can cause pain in the back or neck and can also increase blood pressure.

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