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Know-How To Earn While You Learn

If you look at today's situation, you will find that the trend of working along with studies has increased a lot among the youth of 16 to 19 years. 

This college-going, studying children are involved in many types of part-time work. Along with work, they are also doing their studies. 

Everyone's reason for working is different and different, but the aim is the same for everyone - to become self-reliant.

Why do youth trend towards part-time jobs?

An internet survey shows that about 40 percent of the students studying in colleges are engaged in some part-time job. There are many reasons for this - pocket money, self-reliance, some want to get practical knowledge, some want to get information about the field related to their subject, and some want to work due to their weak economic condition. 

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Whatever be the reason, but we have to accept one thing that these children are trying to understand their responsibilities at a young age.

Job options

Maybe a few years ago there were no options for part-time jobs or there were very few, but today there is no shortage in it. Experts say that today no work is small or big, so work options have also increased. Students are doing all kinds of work. Some are waiters in a coffee shop, some salesmen, some gym instructors. 

It's good too. In such a situation, you can choose such work, which is not your career, but you find interesting. the one you like. There are many types of online jobs available for such students, who want to do part-time jobs. Most of these jobs do not require any degree or professional training and the best part is, you can do your studies and other work comfortably along with your work, as these jobs are not time-consuming. Some of these jobs are also such, in which you can do your studies at the place of work while working,

Apart from these, you can also work in these fields- Account Writer, Tutor, Freelancer, Gym Instructor, Receptionist, Waiter, Dance Teacher, Music Teacher, Library Manager, Intern in any field, Tour Guide, Event Management, Call Center, Research Writer, etc. Many more such jobs are also available to you on job search websites.

Jaw this Think before you by

 Before deciding to work, ask yourself why you want to do this work.

Don't work just for show or fashion.

Every work has its own responsibility, keep this in mind.

Before working somewhere, decide that this work does not affect your studies.

Before working, make sure to take care of your interest in that work.

Before working anywhere, do a complete inquiry of that work, that place. Do not work in any doubtful place. Remember your safety is paramount.

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Before working anywhere, give complete information to your parents. Take them into confidence. Don't hide anything from them.

 It is also important for parents that if your children want to do any such work, then encourage them. Help them fully. Times have changed today, accept it. Don't discourage them by saying that only study while studying. Yes, but make sure that they do not ignore studies due to work.

How-To Part-Time Jobs?

1. Coffee Shop 

There are many high-profile coffee shops popular these days. The tendency of students to work in such places has also increased a lot. 6000 to 10000 rupees can be earned by working in just 5 to 6 hours shift in such places.

2. Pizza Shop 

If you do a 5 to 6 hours shift in any pizza shop, then you can earn Rs 5000 to 8000.

3. Receptionist

You can get 3000 to 8000 rupees for working as a part-time receptionist in a private office or hospital or company. For this, you will have to give 4 to 5 hours.

4. Call Center or BPO

Nowadays it is the most craze among the youth. Data entry work is also done in call centers. It has a variety of timings, in which some shifts happen at night as well. If you want, you can also do this work online sitting at home. You may have to give 2 to 6 hours for this work, for which you can also get Rs 4000 to 12000.

5. Event planner

For this, you can join any big event company, for which you can earn Rs 4000 to 12000 by working 4 to 6 hours.

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6. Software tester 

If you are taking education in the software field itself, then you can do software testing work from your home, in which you will have to give time according to the demand of your client. In this, you can earn from Rs 6000 to 13000.

7. Intern 

If you are doing a professional course, then you can get the job of an intern in the office of a professional, in which you can get Rs 8000 to 15000 for working 4 to 6 hours.

8. Library assistant

If you have good knowledge of books, then you can get Rs 6000 to 8000 for spending 4 to 6 hours on this work.

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