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Be A Franchisee Of Post Office And Earn Monthly

Money If you are less educated, unemployed or want to do something extra, then now you do not have to worry much. 

Now you can earn a lot by joining the post office. Indian Post Department has started a franchise model, by joining which you can also start your business.

What is the Franchise Model of the Indian Post Department?

Under the new scheme of the post department, common people are invited to open a franchise. This, from individual to organization or institution, can also be associated with the franchise. If you already have a business, you can still apply for this franchise.

How and why did it start?

It is the responsibility of the post department to provide basic postal facilities to as many people as possible. Although the network of Indian Post Department is the largest network in the world and it has 1 lakh 55 thousand branches across the country. 

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Yet the need for more post offices is being felt in the country. To fulfill this need, the Postal Department has started the Franchisee Scheme. The postal department has started two types of franchises-

1. Franchise Outlet

Only over-the-counter services are provided under this scheme. The delivery and transfer-related services are handled by the department itself.

 Franchisees may sell postage stamps and other stationery.

Services like speed post, money order, e post and booking of other documents can be provided. Sales of Revenue Stamps, CRF Stamps.

However, there are plans to include more services in the future.

Under this scheme, any person, institution, or any other unit, such as a shop, paanwala, grocery store, or stationery stonewall can apply, whether it is from a city or village. Similarly, colleges, universities, industrial centers, urban townships can also function as this franchise.

Any person can also earn money by joining this scheme. For this, there is just an agreement between the postal department and that person or institution.

The age of the candidate ought to be something like 18 years. Also, he/she must be at least 8th pass.

As a security deposit, they will have to submit an NSC (National Savings Certificate) of ₹5,000, which may increase depending on the average daily revenue.

2. Postal Agent 

The postal agent is also selected after filling the application form.

The purpose of postal agent selection is to make postage stamps and other stationery easily available to the people.

After the selection, they are given an identity card.

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All other terms and conditions will apply as applicable to the Franchise Outlet.

Simply, there is no minimum educational qualification required for these.

Also, they do not have to sign any agreement nor do they need to make any security deposit.


If you want to take this franchise, then go to the main post office of your city and get complete information. Here you have to fill an application form. The selection will be done by the Divisional Head within 14 days of receipt of the application. 

Keep in mind that such Gram Panchayats will not be allowed to open a franchise, where Panchayat Seva Kendras are present under the Panchayat Sanchar Seva Yojana. After the selection is done, you can operate your account online.

Who Can't Take Franchise?

The family members of a post office employee cannot take a franchise in the same division where they are working.

How much investment will be required?

You do not need much money for this. All you have to do is deposit A ​​5,000 as security. Apart from this, you will have to invest 1-2 lakh, in which you will have to buy post office products only. Also, you will have to do business of about A 50,000 every month.

How will you earn?

You can earn a lot from the commission on postal services. As per the norms decided by the department-

A 3 commission on booking of registered articles.

On booking of speed post a 5.

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A 3.50 on money order booking from 100 to 200, A5 commission on money order above 200.

Franchisees making more than 1000 Registry and Speed ​​Post bookings every month will get an additional 20 percent commission.

5% of the sale amount on the sale of postage stamps, postal stationery, and money order forms.

40 percent of the earnings of the postal department on other retail services including the sale of revenue stamps, central recruitment stamps, etc. So you too visit the post office of your city today and start your business by joining the franchise.   

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