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Career Opportunities In The Wedding Industry

Decades ago, the responsibility of getting married was done by Pandits, barbers and far-flung relatives.

But with the passage of time, now professionals and experts have taken their place. Due to these professionals and experts, immense career opportunities in the wedding industry are increasing.

If you also want to establish your feet in the wedding industry, then you can try these fields.

1. Wedding planner

The role of a wedding planner is important to make the wedding day special. Its main job is to organize the best event keeping in mind the budget of its client i.e. arranging wedding venue, theme party, decoration, catering, photographer, DJ, and band, etc. 

To become a wedding planner, it is necessary to have a diploma, bachelor's, or master's degree in event management. The wedding planner gets about 10% of the total budget as salary or benefits. While performing this responsible work, the wedding planner has to take special care that special care is taken of the feelings of both the families in this ceremony.

2. Match Makers

Their job is to match the pair of bride and groom. Match-makers today do the same work that pundits used to do in the olden days. The job of match-makers is to get the necessary information about the boy and the girl and match their pair. 


With the changing trends, big marriage centers and wedding companies are ready to pay a hefty amount as salary to the skilled match-makers. The reason for this is that nowadays people entrust the work of finding a bride and groom for marriage to handling the rituals to the wedding companies. Wedding companies appoint professionals for this work, of which match-makers are also one.

3. Relationship Counselor Whether

unmarried or married, most people have to face relationship-related differences and disputes during the initial time of engagement and marriage, but these differences and disputes can be easily resolved with the help of a relationship counselor. Relationship counseling is a type of therapy, which helps couples to solve relationship-related problems. If you are interested in making a career in this field, then it is necessary to do a master's degree in marriage counseling after graduation. After working, you can earn up to Rs 25,000-60,000 per month.

In view of the changing trend, people have started giving priority to villas, farmhouses, big hotels, beaches, resorts, clubs, etc. according to their choice. Apart from this, the responsibility of making the rituals like cocktail parties, sangeet, Mehndi memorable is also the responsibility of the event organizer. 

That's why wedding companies look for event organizers who are tactful and cheerful and are skilled in organizing events tailored to the wedding venue. The salary of event organizers is very high. Big wedding companies give commission to their event manager along with salary after the event is successful.

4. Destination manager

is the trend of destination wedding nowadays, so the youth who have a good knowledge of tourism have career prospects in this field. The destination manager can do his work independently. 

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Apart from this, if he wants, he can work closely with the wedding planner. The main job of the Destination Manager is the selection of beautiful places for weddings, beaches, resorts, etc., the selection of honeymoon places for the newlyweds and their advance booking.

5. Photographers and Videographers

There are employment opportunities in the wedding industry for young people who are fond of video and photography. Whether the wedding ceremony is small or big, everyone needs a photographer and videographer. 

In the changing era of technology, there has been a lot of change in the field of photography, due to which professional photographers earn up to one and a half lakh rupees monthly. To become a videographer, one has to do a professional course in video photography, as well as keep himself updated with the new technology coming into the market.

6. Bridal Jewelry Designer

With the changing trends, the demand for bridal jewelry is changing. In historical films like Padmavat, Bajirao-Mastani, the demands of brides for jewelry worn by Bollywood actresses have started increasing, due to which the demand for bridal jewelry designers is increasing day by day in the wedding market. To become a Bridal Jewelry Designer, it is necessary to do a course in Jewelry Designing.

7. Bridal dress designers and stylists

Wearing designer dresses at weddings is common. Not only for the bride and groom but their family and friends also like to wear designer dresses. In high-profile weddings, designer dresses made by Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Neeta Lulla, Anita Dongre, Tarun Tahilyani, Manish Malhotra, etc are in great demand in the market. 

If you also have a good fashion sense, then you can become a bridal dress designer and stylist. To make a career in this field, it is necessary to have a degree in Fashion Designing. After getting the degree, you can do both the job and your work.

8. One of the important rituals of the Bridal Mehndi Artist

wedding is the Mehndi ceremony. Due to this ego ritual, the demand for mehndi artists in weddings has increased a lot in the last few years. There is no educational qualification required to become a mehndi artist, but it is very important to be creative to make mehndi designs. 

To become a mehndi artist, after 12th, one can do the vocational course, where training is given professionally. Nowadays there are also online mehndi courses. Interestingly, by practicing mehndi designs at home, you can become a professional mehndi artist. In the season of weddings, professional mehndi artists get at least 25,000-30,000 in mehndi ceremonies.

9. Makeup artist

The wedding day is not only special for the bride and groom, but it is important for everyone. Everyone wants to look beautiful and for that, a makeup artist is needed. To become a makeup artist, it is necessary to do the necessary beautician course. 

These are vocational courses, after which you can open your own beauty center. Apart from this, you can earn up to 15,000-50,000 per month by doing a job in a popular beauty center.

10. Ladies Sangeet, Mehndi Ki Raat are such rituals in choreographer

wedding, which is incomplete without dance. In these rituals, family and friends perform a dance together. Not everyone can perform like Bollywood celebs, so to perform like them, such people need a choreographer. The choreographer's job is to teach small dancing steps so that relatives can perform in front of everyone on the wedding day. 

No professional degree is required to become a choreographer, but after training in dance and years of practice, one can become a dance choreographer. An experienced choreographer can earn Rs 6,000-15,000 per month depending on his dancing and teaching skills.

11. Florist

Its job is to decorate the booked venue with different types of beautiful flowers to complete the engagement-wedding rituals.

To become a florist, you must have completed high school or equivalent. Apart from this, it is necessary for the florist to be aware of the different types of flowers, quality, decoration according to the theme, methods of delivery. Gradually depending on the experience, you can earn up to Rs 20,000-30,000 per month.

12. In a catered

wedding, the caterer's job is to provide menu selection, presentation, food serving, table setting, and staff. To start catering work, it is necessary to do a course in hotel management. After doing the course, you can try your hand in the wedding industry. You can earn up to Rs 15,000-80,000 per month while working in this field.


13. Wedding insurance agents

Have now started getting wedding insurance for the bride and groom to avoid any untoward incident during the wedding. This untoward incident can happen both humanly and naturally. The loss due to this accident can be compensated by wedding insurance, 

but for this, it is necessary to have an experienced wedding insurance agent who has complete knowledge about insurance. As a wedding insurance agent, you can earn up to 25-30 thousand rupees per month.

14. Creative Card Designer

With the passage of time, the style of wedding cards has also changed. Apart from the traditional style, now the bride and groom also want a lot of change in it. The second reason is that the style, design, and pattern of the card reflect not only the preferences of the bride and groom but the entire family. For these reasons, the demand for creative card designers is increasing in the wedding market.




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