Sunday, November 28, 2021

How To Make a Career in Public Relations?

Today many career options are available for you, it is not necessary that you should also follow the career line drawn by the elders of the house. 

Make a different identity for yourself by making a difference in those people. In such a situation, choose public relations for your career. Let us know about the important aspects related to this course.

Public relation is such a profession, where relationships are not just built but are also maintained year after year. But these relationships are professional. 

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Today, when most companies are busy making their mark on the global level and maintaining that identity. In such a situation, excellent prospects are also emerging for a successful career in Public Relations Management.

Educational Qualification:

If you are thinking of making a career in Public Relations, then at least complete the 12th standard. Degree and post-degree courses can be done after external. Diploma courses can also be done after graduation.

If you are eager to make a career in this field, then first of all polish your communication skills. This is an essential and effective skill for this job. 

Apart from this, patience is needed to convince others with their words and listen to their words. There is no fixed duration of work. One has to go far from the city in connection with the job. In such a situation, keep all these things in your mind and learn.

Leading Institute

– Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.

Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad.

Mumbai University, Mumbai.

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- How. College of Management Studies, Mumbai.

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.

- why. W. CA. Institute of Mass Media Studies, Mumbai.

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli.

Cochin University. School of Management Studies, Kochi.

Their demand is increasing in salary companies. This is the reason that getting a good package starts from the very beginning.

The need for job scope

PR has started happening everywhere. Now the posts are being created. Every company has started needing a PR to promote itself. In such a situation, this is such a job, which remains in profit every time in every way.

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What does PR do?

The profile of this job is very big. He is responsible for many tasks, such as providing services like publishing, making contact with the media, and resolving their inquiries. 

Leaders, actors, sports stars, political parties also take the services of such professionals to make their good image among publicity and public.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

How to Avoid Fake Colleges and Degree Scams?

Like every year, the struggle of students has started to take admission in colleges. 

In the race to get admission, their attention does not go towards whether the institute/institute in which they are taking admission, is fake?

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At the time of admission, their attention goes unnoticed and by the time they get their attention, it is too late. Here we are telling such important things, knowing which you can avoid fraud of fake institutions.

Take these precautions before taking admission

Nowadays many fake institutes give attractive advertisements in newspapers to woo the students. It is the responsibility of the students not to take admission by seeing advertisements without checking any university/institution.

Compared to other newspapers, advertisements related to education and employment are published more in the employment newspaper. These educational and employment advertisements are published by the Government of India, so students can trust these advertisements.

Some fake institutes claim to conduct professional courses like engineering through correspondence, and also claim that there is no need to give entrance tests to take admission in these institutes, do not fall for such institutes.

Similarly, if fake private or foreign institutions also claim to give degrees, then do not be misled by them.

Before taking admission, get information about the credibility of the current or former students of that institution.

At the time of admission, if any institute asks the student to pay the fees in cash, then be careful. This can also be a sign of extorting money in the name of a fake institution. Therefore, always pay the fee by cheque, bank draft, or digital payment.

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Nowadays many institutes put confusing admission-related advertisements on their website. Instead of getting caught in these misleading advertisements of the website, try to clear your queries by meeting with their management.

Don't be swayed by the false magnificence of fake institutions like new buildings and gleaming offices. If you have any kind of curiosity or question in your mind, then without hesitation ask the staff there.

Do not make the mistake of taking admission blindly in any college or institute under the supervision of friends. Do not deposit fees until you get complete information about the institute.

How to check recognized claims

Most of the students and their parents do not know how to check the accreditation of fake institutions. What is the process of checking their accreditation? The government has set up regulatory institutions to check the accreditation of institutions and universities, which give recognition to conducting institutes and professional courses.

General course

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is responsible for accrediting universities and running all types of courses, such as non-professional graduation (BA/B.Com/BSc) and post-graduation courses (MA/M.Com/MSc). The list of Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, and Private Universities, etc. will be available on the website.

Technical course

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is responsible for keeping a close eye on professional and technical courses like BTech, MTech, BBA, MBA, MCA, MPharma and accrediting the training institutes and institutes for these courses. A list of institutes/universities conducting degree and diploma level courses can be obtained.

Website: and www.

Distance education

There is a Distance Education Bureau under the UGC, which gives recognition to the universities of the country to run various courses through open and distance learning.



The Medical Council of India (MCI) is responsible for accrediting medical colleges/institutes running graduate/post-graduate level courses like MBBS, MD, MS, DM, MCH etc. related to medical education. Recognized Medical Colleges of all states. The list of colleges will be available from here.


Apart from this, we are telling about many more websites here, from where students can get the recognition and other information of the institutes associated with the course.

Information about B. Pharm, M.Pharm, etc. Pharmacy courses and their respective affiliated institutes will be available from their website

Information about courses related to audiology and speech and related institutions will be available on their website www. rehab

For more information about the courses related to architects and recognized institutes, contact their website

B.Sc.(Agr.), B.Sc. (Biotechnology), BTech (Dairy Technology) in various disciplines related to Agriculture Science like Graduation / Post Graduation level courses for the recognized institutes and syllabus is the responsibility of the Indian Council for Agricultural Research. You can get all the information by visiting their website

You will get the list of recognized courses and colleges related to teachers education from the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE). For this check from their website

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Understand the language of confusing ads

In order to attract gullible students, many fake institutions publish such advertisements in local newspapers, due to which they get confused. 

The language of these published advertisements is not clear nor does anything write about the recognition of the institutions. These advertisements are made in such a way that the reader does not even realize that these advertisements are given by fake institutions.

Do not believe empty assurances

In the matter of recognition and popularity of the institute, some fake institutes give various types of blank assurances to attract the students. 

The Management of the Fake Institute assures the students that the documents in the form of application for accreditation have been sent to the University/Regulatory Institutions and they are going to be recognized soon. Students and parents should never make the mistake of relying on such empty assurances.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Avoid These Mistakes When Starting A New Business

Mistakes to avoid while starting a new business

Not keeping a backup plan: 

People often make the mistake of not keeping a backup plan in the business plan, due to which a weak link in the business has a bad effect on the entire business. So do not repeat this mistake and make sure to make a backup plan.

Not creating an emergency fund

The mistake of not keeping an emergency fund at the beginning of the business is also often repeated by those people who do not keep a backup plan. 

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But there are some people who make plans but do not keep funds. Now think for yourself, how will you complete your backup plan without emergency funds? That's why make an emergency fund because it will save you from drowning in times of trouble.

Focus only on results

Just as the foundation has to be strong to build a strong building, in the same way, to make a business successful, it has to be given the right and strong start-up. Businesses are all done to earn money, but in the beginning, you have to work hard, you have to make many sacrifices, then somewhere the business becomes strong. 

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So instead of focusing only on what results came by the evening, focus on how much your business has grown by the end of the month, where are the shortcomings, and how they can be improved.

Not following business plan

In the enthusiasm of new business, some people make a business plan, but later do not follow it and keep changing the plan again and again, due to which unnecessary complications arise and work is not done properly. Therefore, follow the business plan that you made in the beginning.

Be confused by too many people's opinions

When we start any work, everyone considers it their right to give advice based on our experiences, but a successful businessman is the one who listens to everyone. If you are also influenced by too many people, then keep in mind, some precautions have to be taken in business.

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Know 10 Unhealthy Office Habits

Know about following 10 unhealthy office habits

For working people, the office is their second home, but many people fall prey to some such habits in the office, which have a bad effect on their health.

Are you also a victim of these unhealthy habits?

1. Skipping breakfast While

leaving home early in the morning, women think that they will have breakfast in the office. But as soon as she reaches the office, everything is forgotten. 

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Their habit of skipping breakfast daily has a bad effect on their health. It has also been proved by research that having breakfast increases metabolism and energy too.

2. Multitasking:

Multitasking is a good thing, but recent research shows that multitasking has a direct effect on the productivity of the work and you get tired soon. 

People who do only one thing at a time, it is faster and better and does not feel tired. Therefore, before starting daily work, make a todolist of important tasks.

3. Touching face with hands 

again and again is the habit of some people that while talking to someone or sitting alone, they always touch their face. Many times they do not even realize that their hands are kept on the face again and again. 

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This habit is not good. Touching the face again and again puts you at risk of skin infection. If you have a pimple on your face, then touching it again and again will increase it even more.

4. Unhealthy Lunch

After working continuously, your brain needs a break and energy. In such a situation, home cooked healthy food should be eaten. But nowadays people eat canteen or hotel food, due to which the body does not get the necessary nutrients. 

Outside food contains soda, which makes you feel sluggish instead of being energized after eating.

5. Sitting leaning on the chair

Those doing desk jobs have to sit in front of the computer continuously for 8-10 hours. In such a situation, there may be complaints of back pain and neck pain if not in the right posture. Therefore, always sit tight on the chair. If needed, place a small cushion behind the back.

6. Sitting in one place

Desk jobs do not have a course option, they have to work continuously by sitting, but they can do a little walk in between. Take a short walk in the office at an interval of 1 hour. Bring your own filled bottle of tea, coffee or water.

7. Bringing the phone to the bathroom

You must have probably done it many times that while talking to a client, you went to the washroom and kept the phone there. In such a situation, along with the phone, the germs will also come to your destination.

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8. Drinking too much tea/coffee drinking too much tea/coffee

to relieve stress harms health. You might be doing the same thing in the office. But doing so harms health.

9. Drinking less water

Many times people get so immersed in the affair of work that they forget to drink water from the water bottle placed in front. Don't make such mistake. Drinking less water can be a problem of dehydration.

People often sit with their legs crossed for comfort, but sitting like this for a long time can cause pain in the back or neck and can also increase blood pressure.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

16 Easy Tips To Score An Attractive Salary

The job is good, but the salary is less,Know easy tips to score more

In such a situation, leaving it and looking for another job can put a full stop to your progress. Therefore, instead of turning down a good job offer because of salary, learn to negotiate on the issue of salary negotiation. 

What to do?

1. Detail Working Experience

State your working experience clearly and in detail in the resume. Remember all the things not only in the resume but also in the mouth, so that you can give a good impression on them by answering with full confidence in front of the employer.

2. Throw light on achievements 

At the time of the interview, along with your experiences, throw light on all achievements, big or small. If you have any plan for the growth of the company, then tell the employer about it.

3. Show passion for the job.

Along with showing eagerness to join the company and desired job profile, make the employer realize that due to low salary, you are not able to make up your mind to join. By doing this, the employer can negotiate with you about the salary. And seeing your enthusiasm towards work, you can also offer the desired salary.

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4. Have a Positive Thinking

Go for the interview with a positive attitude. That your selection will definitely happen. This confidence of yours will be of great help in impressing the employer as well as while negotiating the salary.

5. Be sure to do research about the job profile Do

all the necessary research about the company in which you are going to interview and about the job profile beforehand. So that the employer can not find any deficiency in your information. Due to a lack of complete information about the company and job profile, there are hurdles in salary negotiation.

6. Talk About Bonuses or Other Perks, too

While discussing salary, if you feel that things are not working, then definitely ask about the bonus, traveling allowance, or other allowances available in addition.

7. Adopt SAIL Funds

Learn to sell your working skills in front of the employer. Present your talent in front of them in such a way that they believe that they cannot get a better employee than you.

8. Keep the conversation friendly

Do not talk nervous or angry during the negotiation. Keep the atmosphere of conversation-friendly by keeping the mind calm.

9. Try to change according to the situation

If the salary is being negotiated in your favor and the employer asks you to work an extra few hours, then do not refuse. In such a situation, keep yourself a little flexible and try to know how much you benefit.

10. Be prepared for every question

Prepare yourself in advance to answer such questions if you are not suitable for this job or your qualification does not match with the job profile so that the employer is sure that this job is for you.

what not to do?

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11. Do not demand salary more than experience, demand

salary according to experience. If the experience is less, then do not expect more salary. If you are more experienced and the salary is less, then do a salary negotiation by telling the employer about your previous salary and the market value of the post. Do not exaggerate your experiences, otherwise, you may have to face embarrassment later.

12. How much is the salary? 

Do not ask Do not reveal at the time of the interview that salary is your main attraction. This type of reaction can spoil your impression. Apart from this, never ask yourself about the salary. Negotiate only when the employer asks.

13. Do not talk emotional,

keep your emotions under control during the conversation. The employer should not feel that you get nervous quickly over small things. Proof of your flexible and smart personality even while talking about salary.

14. Keep personal life away

do not talk about your personal life, weaknesses, or financial problems even by forgetting during the salary-related conversation. Try to get your point across to the employer in a professional manner.

15. Do not hesitate to speak,

even after all kinds of discussions, if you do not get the desired salary, that is, the agreement is not positive, then do not hesitate to not speak to the employer.

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16. Don't make these mistakes

– Don't apply for jobs without doing research about the company.

Do not demand salary as soon as job offers to come.

Do not accept the first offer of salary immediately, but try your best to negotiate.

Do not write the expected salary on a resume or cover letter.

– Be sure to hear from the employer about other perks or perks.

Don't take too much time to accept the offer.

Do not demand salary just keep in mind your needs.

Do not discuss with friends about Negotiation.

Do not make the mistake of not asking for written information about the job profile from the employer.

Be patient and do not ask the employer about the salary again and again.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

How To Prepare For Entrance Exam After 12th?

        How to prepare for these entrance exams after the 12th? 

There are many such things related to the entrance exam, about which many parents are not aware, usually - how to fill the form, which website to visit, when to apply, etc. 

In the absence of information, if the right time is passed, then the whole year of the child can be wasted. This should not happen to your child, so we have brought here the list of Entrance tests to be held after the 12th, which also has complete information related to the test.

How to prepare for entrance?

It is important to prepare before giving entrance in any field. The preparation for every field is almost the same, so before giving the entrance, consider these things also.

Nowadays the competition has become very high, the examinations have also become very tough on it, so you have to do a little extra. To prepare for any entrance, you will have to study for four more hours every day apart from school and coaching.

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Make a timetable for your convenience, but do not forget to write break time in it.

Whenever you are comfortable, i.e. in the morning or at night, study at the same time. Just because everyone studies in the morning, you also don't need to study in the morning.

Nowadays mock tests are available on many online websites, where you can practice by going. This will also let you know how well your preparation is.

Solving the question papers of the last five years will also help you a lot in your preparation.

Most of the entrance tests are online, so you have to be very careful about the timing.

It is prepared in many coaching centers. You can also take their help.

Along with studies, take full care of nutrition and rest. Get full sleep of six to eight hours with timely balanced meals.

1. Engineering entrance exam

For this, the application starts in November/December every year, which lasts till February/March next year. For which exam you have to give entrance, start looking at the respective website from November itself.

2. JEE Main

This national-level entrance exam is conducted twice a year - in the month of January and April. It is an online exam, for which it is mandatory to have 75% marks for the general category and 65% for SC/ST. Students get admission in AIT, IIIT for courses like BE, BTech, BArch, and planning. Earlier this exam was called AItriplei. It is also a qualifying test for JEE Advanced. For more details visit this website-

3. JEE Advanced

It is mandatory to clear this exam for admission in reputed institutes like IITs and NITs. Actually, these exams are conducted by IITs only. Only students who have qualified for JEE Main can give this exam. This exam is held only once a year and that too in the month of May. For more details visit this website: www.jee

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4. Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT)

This exam has to be given for admission to Birla Institute. Qualifying students get admission in institutes in Pilani, Goa, or Hyderabad. Notifications for this come in the month of December and the exam is held in May. For more details visit this website-

5. Medical entrance test

Students making a career in medicine should start preparing for it from class 11 itself because its syllabus is very high. Exam papers are prepared from the syllabus of CBSE class 11th and 12th. So if you have studied from ICSC or State Board, then you should refer to NCERT books of Biology and Chemistry of class 11th-12th.

6. The Snl Elijibiliti low entrance Agjham for undergraduate (NEET (UG)

This is a national-level online test, which is held once a year. Every year this exam is held in the month of May, but the applications start from November itself. It is mandatory to pass this test to become MBBS/BDS. For more details visit this website-

All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Medical Entrance Exam (AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam)

This exam is conducted every year for MBBS and BDS in AIIMS, in which thousands of students apply. This is also an online exam. For more information about notifications and exams, you can visit their website-

7. Indian Army BSc Nursing

Let us tell the students interested in the Nursing course that in many Army Medical Colleges of the country, this exam is held in the month of January. Qualified candidates are called for an interview in April. This course is of four years duration. After the interview, you have to clear the medical test as well. The application for the exam has to be filled in the month of November. The passing candidates are placed in the army on a short service commission. For information about other qualifications related to the examination, visit this website-

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8. Law entrance test

The specialty of this entrance test is that students appearing for class 12th can also apply for this exam. Just, they have to submit the result at the time of admission.

9. Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)

To get into the law field after the 12th, you have to give Common Law Admission Test. The application process for LLB Honors and BBA LLB Honors starts in January every year, which lasts till March. For online application, students have to visit website. This exam is offline, which takes place in the month of May.

10. All India Law Entrance Test (AILET)

You have to give this exam to study at National Law University Delhi. Very high grades are not demanded here, if you have got 50% marks in 12th, then you are eligible for it. The timetable of this exam is also the same as that of CLAT. For more details visit this website:

Fashion and Design Field Entrance Test

11. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Entrance Test

For admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology, students have to give this entrance test. Apart from fashion, you can also take admission in design and technology bypassing the entrance. This exam is mandatory for courses like Bachelors in Fashion Design, Bachelors in Textile Design, Bachelors in Leather Design. For this, the application forms have to be filled in December itself and the exams are held in January. For more details visit this website:

12. All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED)

You have to give this exam for admission to Arch College of Design and Business. Here also you can do courses in design. Here in the month of March, the first online general aptitude test is held, on passing it, a creative aptitude test has to be given, after which it is the turn of interaction. Here your interview and portfolio matter a lot. For more details visit this website-

Hotel Management Entrance Test  

13. National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology JEE (NCHMCT JEE)

You have to give this test for admission to B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration course. By clearing this test, you can do a course in National Council for Hotel Management. Here also you have to apply online in the month of January itself. For more details visit this website-

Saturday, November 13, 2021

10 Negative Work Habits That Can Ruin Your Career

These 10 bad habits in your career can cost you dearly. 

Stay away from these bad habits in the office, otherwise.

These 10 bad habits can ruin your career.

1) crying over things

Some people cry seeing everything. They get depressed while doing all the office work and when they get even the slightest new responsibility, they start crying. Doing so can tarnish your image in the office and affect your progress.

2) Lack of attention to cleanliness

Some people do not pay much attention to cleanliness in the office. Be it the toilet or the living room, they do not keep it clean. This tarnishes their image and destroys their chances of progress.

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3) Email courtesy

Some people use SMS language while sending official emails, some people ignore it even if the spelling is wrong. Such people do not leave a good impression on the client, as a result, their promotion doors start closing and they miss out on many good opportunities.

4) Gossip

No one likes to gossip in the office. Such people do not understand the difference between personal and professional life and sometimes they get into trouble. Therefore, avoid gossip or sharing personal things in the office.

5) Missing Time

Some people are known to spend time in the office. They have a habit of postponing work and passing the time. Such people waste their time but do not allow themselves to work with others.

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6) Time Management

Some people do not understand the importance of time and are always late for work. Then others under his protection start doing the same. So always reach office on time and do not waste office time in unnecessary talk.

7) Speaking double meaning

In the office, some people keep talking about nonsense or double meaning. It is a means of entertainment for them but sometimes other people do not like what they say. Therefore, do not use obscene jokes or double meanings in the office.

8) Worse at the office

But the company and the boss have no shortage of bad people. Such people not only do bad things in the office but also invite others to do the same. If you don't like Office, try elsewhere, but don't criticize Office on this issue. It can affect your image.

9) Ask personal questions

Some people are curious to know everything about their companions and keep an eye on their every move. These guys dig in and ask personal questions. Other partners like to stay away from such people, so avoid such activities.

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10) Use of social networking during office hours

Some people are addicted to the Internet, so they use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter even during office hours. This affects their performance and tarnishes their image.

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