Sunday, June 27, 2021

Google Chrome Update

 Google Chrome Update: 

now searching will be easier, preview page option  has also been added

Google has made a new update in its browser chrome. After that, users can see the preview of a page before opening it. This new feature has come on the android version of google chrome. 

According to 9 to 5 google report, Chrome has also added the option of a preview page in the menu found for the page. In such a situation, now people will know what it looks like without opening a page. This will save time and save internet data.

How will the new feature work-

For the option of the preview page, the user has to press and hold on to a link. This feature will be between open in incognito mode and copy link. Google's new feature will show a preview of a web page. 

The website name and domain will also appear in the preview. There will be a separate button to open the page in a new tab. After watching the preview, one has to press the button on the right side to close it.

Available in the new version of google-

The new feature is on android 89, the new version of google chrome. The company had been working on this new feature for the last two years.

Google has not confirmed when it will bring an apple for the IOS version. The new Chrome update will increase the search speed.

How to check your version of the chrome:

1.On your computer, open chrome.

2.At the top right, look at more.

3.Click help> About chrome.


5 STEPS TO Making Money on The Web

5 Steps to Making Money on the Web

A lot of people have asked me how to make money on the web because I think it was a challenge for a lot of people.

And being a big fan of keeping things simple, I broke my formula into 5 easy steps.

So if you want to know my secrets of making wealth online wealth,



Step 1 - Find a profitable niche

That's important. Without it, you can't set any direction for your business to go online and make money.

You need to understand what people are looking for and what the market demands.

Get started with the free Google Keyword Tool that you can use. Find something that interests you or at least something you know so that your business becomes enjoyable rather than a task.

Step 2 - Find relevant hot keywords

Hot keywords are one of the main secrets to monetizing the web and you will choose to search for long-tailed keywords while researching the Google Keyword Tool.

Step 3 - Set up your site using a blogging platform

If you are just starting to make money on the web, you will see the value in this progression. 

Free contributing to a blog platfrom like and quickly offer online opportunities because you can build a site without spending money on domains and hosting.

So look at the platform you are comfortable with and start building your site.

Step 4 - Get traffic to your site

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and determines whether you are making money on the web or making a loss online.

Start using the free traffic method. These article showcasing, forum marketing, document sharing and press release submissions.

On the other hand, you can do paid ads like Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

Find what you are comfortable with and get started.

Step 5 - Increase your conversions

My Resource The final step in creating an online resource is to modify your website so that it generates good conversions. This means that maximum visitors will buy from your site for your driving traffic.

Common tweets include adding your photo online, adding a general contact video, placing a more explicit order button, and selling the correct product.

Change things one at a time and see what improves. Keep the positive changes and let the negative changes happen.

What do i mean Making money on the web is not really difficult when you follow the right steps. Try what I said above and see if you can make money online.

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